Tuesday, December 30, 2014

*Christiansen Photography

GUESS? pumps : Similar || Harem pants from Stella || Kate Spade purse || Faux fur jacket || Leather crop from Togs || Earrings from Stella

With 2015 right around the corner, many begin to make resolutions for the upcoming year but also, reflect upon the past year.  Sometimes instead of focusing on our growth and all the good in our lives, we tend to zone in on the things we didn’t achieve, the sunsets we didn’t see, the places we didn’t explore.

We may not have done and seen everything we had hoped to in 2014, but we wouldn’t be where we are, and who we are today, if it wasn’t for what we did accomplish and experience in the past year.

Life is a lot like a staircase.  Sometimes we take a step forward, stand still, slip and miss a step, or completely biff it and barrel roll down an entire flight of stairs (or maybe that last one is just me?)  However, it’s important not to only focus on the steps missed or the unknown stairs ahead.

With each step, each day, each year, there will be change, a new staircase, and new desires.
While we may want to focus on the steps missed, we need to look forward and trust.

Have faith.
Be present.
Choose to be content regardless of what step you’re on.
Continue dreaming.
Explore, discover new places, seek new sunsets, and new feelings
Be confident.

Be confident that you will reach your goal, for each step, each year is getting you closer to your destination.

In good faith,

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