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Friday, August 17, 2012

HELLLO guys! So even though I have been locked in my sorority house all week, I have been crazy busy with recruitment. With recently moving into my beautiful house with all of my best friends, I can't help but feeling unbelievably blessed. Especially since new babies are on the way! I cannot wait to get to get to know all of the new members of Alpha Phi, it is going to be such an incredible year. With school starting Monday and summer ending, ends some of my favorite fashion trends. However, with some of these pieces, I am not ready to put them away quite yet... Mint green hue was everywhere this summer. The cool fresh hue is flattering to almost every skin tone and is a great color to mix with other fabrics like lace, silk, or chiffon. Be careful not to overload in the minty color and be sure to choose small accessories to balance out the mint. If you are afraid of color like in my last post, try out this soft pastel. However, I once again attempt rocking another fashion challenge. High waist printed pants. Two challenges in one. I think the biggest worry for women on this look is that men won't find it attractive. They don't necessary make our ASSets look "sweep me off my feet" ready, but with a few tips you can try the print pants in a more alluring way. You want a top that is a going to show a little more skin. For this look, I wore a transparent top to add a bit more appeal. Add a pair of pumps and your ready! Now if you are still unsure, heres a little inspiration from BJ.
 “Girls don’t dress for boys; they dress for themselves & each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d walk around naked.” 
-Betsey Johnson
Well put Betsey, well put. 

Mint blouse: Togs boutique
My favorite feature of this blouse is the open back!
Pants: Togs boutique
Earrings: Stella boutique
Clutch: Steve Madden
Watch: Fossil
Heels: Aldo

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