Chin up

Friday, November 16, 2012

Well this week sort of well, sucked. I am not trying to throw another pity party, Lord knows I've thrown three too many this week. My thoughts and my over thinking consumed me and led me doubting who I was as a person. When you start to doubt yourself, you begin to doubt everything in your life. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. One especially who lives a life full of purpose and meaning, and who shares that purpose and meaning with others. This friend shared a special quote with me, "Darling, the world is not really against you, the only thing thats against you is yourself". There is so much truth in that sentence. It's time to keep my chin up put on my spike and stud combat boots, take this world on and find the beauty in the ugliest of days. 

Steve Madden Combat Boots
Michael Kors watch
Similar Sweater
Similar high waisted leather shorts
Studs, spikes, and leather are beginning to appear everywhere. From bags, clothing, shoes, and accessories. The trend is spiking, turning duds into studs. Think the look of spikes and leather is just for biker babes? Add a soft sweater or top to tone the tough chick into tough chic. For days where the sun isn't so bright, throw on a pair of tights! 

xox, Tess

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