Is your friend missing his jeans?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The no-pain-no-gain theory doesn't pertain to todays trends. (sigh of relief)
Street wear and runways have shown oversized sweaters, slouchy tees and a new favorite of mine, the boyfriend jean. There will always be that little black dress or your skinnies in your closet, but these loose low-slung boyfriend jeans are perfect for a day when you've reached for that second cupcake and calories just don't count anymore. Boyfriend jeans makes looking fashionable effortless and comfortable. But yet, I hesitate. Is this trend only for stick thin women? Or can a girl with booty join in?

Most boyfriend jeans all look pretty similar, but each pair is unique in their own. Some are worn with rips, some are more fitted, and some have a drop crotch.

no. 1- The true boyfriend jean, relaxed fit, heavily ripped and distressed -- Asos
no. 2- Classic dark wash denim in a fitted cut -- Gap
no. 3- Perfect combo of a boyfriend and a skinny -- Levi 
no. 4- A classic boyfriend jean with distressing and more fitted -- rag & bone

There are numerous ways to style boyfriend jeans. Try to keep it simple, roll up your cuffs, and add a pair of flats or heels. Below my hottie tottie sister shows off her boyfriend jeans. One of my favorite ways to wear boyfriend jeans is with a simple tee, a statement necklace and pumps. The look is casual, comfy, put together and chic.

And fellas, someone already put a ring on it. 

In good faith, Tess 

Flower Power

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This month I started to work at a local boutique, Tsuru, in downtown Lincoln. The shop has an eclectic vibe of modern and boho. I got the opportunity to design the spring window for Tsuru and last Friday I had some fun executing my design. Below are some pictures showing the process. 

The window before
The supplies
(I carried 3-4 dozen mason jars five blocks and embarrassingly enough, my arms were sooo sore the next day)
The mason jars are hung and ready
Before and After
The finished product!!

 Be sure to check out Tsuru in downtown Lincoln, their website or Facebook page! 

In good faith, Tess

Going Green

Monday, March 18, 2013

Going green in honor of St. Patty’s day yesterday!

Also, have you noticed the new blog name? I’m starting simple, but hopefully there will be some big changes to come in the next few weeks for In Good Faith, Tess.

I love green. It's the color of my eyes, money is green (kind of need that for my clothes addiction), and I am slightly partial to Slytherin.  It’s my favorite color, and now according to Pantone, it is officially the color for spring. From emerald green to sea foam green, there is a shade for ever hair color, skin tone and personal style. 

Military-inspired jackets are my favorite green piece this season and are easily comparable to the chambray jacket. They both look flattering on any body type and have the ability to make one’s outfit look effortlessly chic. The military jacket is such a versatile piece and the perfect alternative to a simple plain tee. It is a classic layering piece, and a great “go-to” item. I am currently on the hunt (or saving) for the perfect military-inspired jacket. Here are a few of my favorites out there.


In Good Faith, Tess

Clothing Personality

Monday, March 4, 2013

Through different experiences, I continue to get the question “what is your personal style?”  And still today, I don’t really know. I don’t think I can exactly pin point my “clothing personality”. My outfits reflect my mood, how I feel, and they tell a little bit about myself. I can’t narrow myself into one category and I really don’t want to. My style is continually evolving.

Since I have embarked on my journey with CollegeFashionista, I haven't met a girl with the same “clothing personality”. I’ve featured girls whose style is quirky, classic, girly, and punk - just to name a few. So if you haven’t checked out my articles on CollegeFashionista, click here and head over to read about some of the Fashionista's below. 

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