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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hair accessories are at the top of my summer beauty list, and they can be used by a wide range of ages and personal styles.
I had the pleasure of interviewing designer Dana Gelenter, owner of Dana-Bands, who will be collaborating with Artissano on an exclusively-designed collection of headbands, fedoras and beach hats.  

Dana Gelenter launched Dana-Bands in 2009, during her last semester at the University of Delaware.  Working with flowers, pins, and a headband she created a unique design for a fraction of the cost relative to similar products available at boutiques.  Twenty dollars and a lot of hard work became the start of a business.  Gelenter relates that it hasn’t been a joyride the entire time; there have been some struggles, including managing a hectic work schedule in conjunction with launching her brand.  Her efforts, however, have more than paid off.  Gelenter’s brand continues to gain ground as her customer base grows and her designs have been featured on numerous television shows and beauty blogs.  

Gelenter’s design philosophy is rooted in the notion that sharing a strong connection with the design and production process allows her to create a superior product.  "It’s my belief that you can't understand a customer's true wants and needs,” Gelenter tells us, “unless you are working with them and your products, hands on, from start to finish."  Gelenter walked me through the process of her most popular design, the “Rosette”.  After sourcing her inspiration from fashion risk takers on 7th Avenue in New York City and various trends, she begins the design process by sourcing quality materials from several vendors.  Chiffon fabrics are cut and arranged in over 12 layers, which are then burned and sewn together to form the design of the Rosette.  Afterwards the headband is hand-wrapped with silk and the Rosette is affixed to the headband. 

Dana-Bands will be featuring a special collection sold exclusively on Artissano for the spring and summer seasons.  The collection will feature a variety of leopard, paisley and flowery prints on turbans, fedoras and beach hats.  Available exclusively on

Below are a few of my favorites from the collection. I have become a fedora fein over the years, so naturally I have my eyes on the three different fedoras. Be sure to check out the Dana-Bands collection on 
Warhol Garden Headband

Pink Chiffon Beach Hat

Rose Bloom Fedora

Paisley Fedora

 In good faith, Tess


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