Purple lips and Pizza trips

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I have been in New York for two weeks now and I have yet to go anywhere without getting lost. This includes going to work, and you'd think I'd have the routine down since I take the same train everyday... but no. My first week of work is now under my belt, and let me tell you I have loved every day. There are constantly things to be doing. I am currently working on marketing plans through different avenues and looking for vendors for our site to grow. Last week I met with a designer we will be collaborating with and I hand picked pieces from her collection to feature on our website for the fall. It was definitely a thrilling moment, even if that sounds cheesy. Only five days down and I know this will be a summer filled with a lot of learning.  

Constantly walking among fashion risk takers in New York I have become more daring in my lip color choices. I just got a new color by Bite from Sephora. I highly suggest trying some of Bite's lipstick shades. They are good enough to eat.

Leather top//J.Crew shorts//Michael Kors bag//Vintage chain necklace//Stone chain bracelet//retro sunnies 

In good faith, Tess

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