Beach Bum

Sunday, July 7, 2013

After a week spent on a beautiful beach I am back in New York reminiscing on the past week's adventures. My gracious and wonderful parents took my family on vacation to South Carolina this past week. I can’t believe it had been seven years since all 5 of us (hubbies excluded) had gone on a special vacation all together. We spent seven days staying on Folly Beach where the only brain utilization necessary was whether or not to spend time lathering on SPF, which I failed to do the first day and am now paying for it with a half peeled and still peeling chest, debating which swimsuits to wear each day, avoiding stepping on seashells and washed-up jelly fish on the beach, and deciding which tile to play in Mexican Train Dominos. I wore around 5 scraps of clothing the entire trip, them mostly consisting of bathing suits, sundresses, and my overalls. A huge thanks to my parents for spoiling all of us this past week, LOVE YOU!! And now cue the iphone photo slideshow.

In good faith, Tess

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