Double the Denim

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Denim on Demin | In good faith, Tess
Denim on Denim | In good faith, Tess
J. Crew statement earrings | In good faith, Tess
Denim & Leather fashion | In good faith, Tess
Denim on denim fashion | In good faith, Tess
Zara statement clutch | In good faith, Tess
Fashion blog | In good faith, Tess
fashion blog | In good faith, Tess
Denim on denim | In good faith, Tess | fashion blog
*Christiansen Photography
{Denim jacket: Togs} {Flying Monkey jeans: Togs} {Kenneth Cole Wedges} {J. Crew Earrings}
{Talia Hancock tee: Togs} {Zara Clutch} {Bite Lipstick}

It was a shining moment.  I was being pulled in a come hither kind of way.  These jeans were like, "Come here. I'm perfect for your hips and butt."  Their seductive allure and ombre fade reeled me in. Looks can only go so far, the fit was the next test.  Skinny jeans are notorious for being a tight squeeze, sometimes even forcing you to jump as you pull them up, or am I the only one who does that?  But these bad boys fit like a glove.  I could do lunges, jumping jacks, and even the splits in them ( HA, I can’t do the splits ).  This may be the closest I’ve been to finding my perfect “pair”.  Starting to sound like an “I love lamp” moment?  But these jeans…man, we went together perfectly.  Like peanut butter & jelly, salt and pepper, and now denim and denim (?), light with dark, dark with dark, or light with light… Yep, it’s a trend with endless possibilities.  When choosing my separates I chose denim that were a few shades apart, pairing distressed jeans with an acid washed, leather sleeved denim jacket.  As far as accessories, I opted for simple studded wedges, contrasting statement earrings and bold lips.  If you’re not fully comfortable for the full on denim look, try colored denim or you can help break up the denim with a white tee.  How do you feel about wearing double the denim?
With finishing up my fall semester, starting to teach exercise classes again, and holiday festivities, the past few weeks have been utter madness.  Which in turn has left me no time to blog, let alone sleep.  I plan to spend my next few weeks of break with family and friends, catching up on sleep, and at last finishing the book, “The Man Repeller”.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, surrounded by loved ones and good company. 

In good faith, 

Well (Played) Plaid

Monday, December 2, 2013

Plaid & fur | In good faith, Tess
Plaid, fur, and leather | In good faith, Tess
Plaid, fur, and statement necklace | In good faith, Tess
Plaid, fur, leather, hologram purse | In good faith, Tess
Plaid, fur, & statement necklace | In good faith, Tess
statement necklace | In good faith, Tess
Aldo sneaker boots | In good faith, Tess
Plaid & Leather | In good faith, Tess
*Photos by Hayley Christiansen
{Sneaker boots | Aldo} {Plaid Shirt} {Leather skirt | Togs} {Old fur vest} {Necklace | Togs
{Joia hologram purse | Togs}

I was one of those “public school kids” growing up. I never had to wear the plaid, navy, and those awful, awful khakis to school.  But for some strange reason there were times I wanted to, similar to when I really wanted braces in 5th grade because I had this completely insane perception that they were cool, only to find out a few years later they were far from.  The above look is meant to embody that private school girl.  I finally got to wear the equestrian plaid, and sport the typical I-don’t-care-what-my-hair-looks-like bun on top of my head. Forgetting the khakis, I wore an embossed leather skirt and faux fur vest to give this look some bite and pizazz.  This season when wearing plaid embrace bolder styling choices.  The fabric (yes its actually a fabric, not a pattern) can seem a bit prim, so try adding a dark lipstick, high heels, or leather leggings to your look.

In good faith,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Serendipity. [ ser-uhn-dip-i-tee ]
1.     The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful

*Video by Hayley Christiansen 
{Outfit details will be later posted}

Video blogging is a complete unknown to the mastermind behind the video and myself. Feeling a tad vulnerable, we would greatly appreciate your comments and input about the video and the overall idea.

In good faith,
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