Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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With 2015 right around the corner, many begin to make resolutions for the upcoming year but also, reflect upon the past year.  Sometimes instead of focusing on our growth and all the good in our lives, we tend to zone in on the things we didn’t achieve, the sunsets we didn’t see, the places we didn’t explore.

We may not have done and seen everything we had hoped to in 2014, but we wouldn’t be where we are, and who we are today, if it wasn’t for what we did accomplish and experience in the past year.

Life is a lot like a staircase.  Sometimes we take a step forward, stand still, slip and miss a step, or completely biff it and barrel roll down an entire flight of stairs (or maybe that last one is just me?)  However, it’s important not to only focus on the steps missed or the unknown stairs ahead.

With each step, each day, each year, there will be change, a new staircase, and new desires.
While we may want to focus on the steps missed, we need to look forward and trust.

Have faith.
Be present.
Choose to be content regardless of what step you’re on.
Continue dreaming.
Explore, discover new places, seek new sunsets, and new feelings
Be confident.

Be confident that you will reach your goal, for each step, each year is getting you closer to your destination.

In good faith,

'Tis The Season

Monday, December 22, 2014

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The holiday season tends to bring unneeded stress, food comas, empty bank accounts, and cavities. Sometimes before the big day arrives, we already feel drained. But it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, so if you need a pick me up, below is my list of 10 things to help you get in the holiday spirit!

10.  Dress in Holiday Style
Think red, plaid, sequins, metallics, and all things glitter!

9.  See Christmas Lights
The dazzling display of lit up houses is a sure way to get you in the yuletide spirit.

8.  It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails
Put down that glass of wine, or quickly finish it, and get festive with 10 Christmas cocktail recipes!

7. Meet someone under the Mistletoe
No explanation needed. 

6.  Get Sweet
Pull out the sprinkles, frosting, and food-dye. One of my favorite things to do each Christmas is baking with my sisters. Whether it’s making cookies or gingerbread houses, we always get creative and a bit competitive!

5.  Have a Christmas Movie Night
Watch one of your favorite holiday films, maybe a classic like A Christmas Story, or one of my personal favorites, Elf or Home Alone.

4.  The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud of all to hear
Whether you’re an NSync, Michael Buble, or Elvis Presley fan. Turn up the tunes and sing along!

3.  Look forward to giving
Give your time, volunteer in the community, help some one carry their groceries, buy someone's groceries, do something to give back.

2.  Update your Holiday To-Do list
Buy BE present
Wrap gifts someone in a HUG
Send gifts PEACE
Shop for Donate Food
Make Cookies LOVE
See BE the LIGHTs

1.  Remember the meaning of Christmas
“Christmas means giving. The Father gave His Son, and the Son gave His life. Without giving there is no true Christmas, and without sacrifice there is no true worship.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

…And to all a good night.

In good faith,

Living Life Uncombed

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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This morning when I looked in the mirror, my hair was looking roughhhhh.  It looked as if I hadn’t combed it in days.. maybe I hadn’t, but that’s really not the point.  Today I learned that in order to be true to yourself, we should live life uncombed.

All too often we let ourselves become completely enwrapped in something.  It could be a relationship, college, a job, straight A’s, the future, the number of followers we have on Instagram, our appearance. These things, these desires consume us.  And unfortunately, we let them define us.

We strive for this ideal of “perfect”.  Why?

Study.  Wear this.  Get good grades.  Glamour.  Workout.  Eat healthy.  Make a lot of money.  Buy this.  Not that.  Do this.  Comb your hair.

But in our attempt, we lose sight of what’s important, and sometimes we can lose sight of who we are, and what makes us shine. Knowing and unknowingly we put up this camouflage. 

I think it’s our actions, and what makes us beamingly happy, that should define us.

Travel.  Fall in love.  Sing.  Hug a lot.  Kiss even more.  Give back.  Drink wine.  Pray.  Dance.  Eat ice cream.  Laugh.  Make a difference.  (Wear camo sweats.)

Life occurs and our hair becomes uncombed. And that’s how it should be.

In good faith,
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