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Saturday, February 8, 2014

*Photography by Hayley Christiansen
{Beanie | Urban Outfitters } {heels | Charlotte Russe} {Boyfriend jeans | Zara}
 {Coat | Stella's boutique} {Sweatshirt | Target}

In some way are we all narcissists?  We live in a world where we document everything we do.  Every night out with friends, every coffee with a cool foam design on the top, every sunrise, every fresh manicure…  Facebook, Instagram, and blogs, to name a few, allow us to develop this enhanced persona.  And with these platforms, we can create the “best” version of our life.

For me, blogging is my creative outlet.  It’s my personal diary, one I choose to share publicly.  Before I even entered the blogging world, I was struggling with a little voice in my head that blogging is correlated with self-absorption.  And I continue to find that thought disturbing.  Yes, my blog focuses on myself, and what’s going on in my life.  Is that vain of me to share?

I don’t think the answer is black or white.  There are great things that can come from blogging.  Building connections and friendships, expressing one’s self, and becoming a better writer are all examples.  I think it ultimately roots back to intentions.  My blog, like any blog, could be viewed as an exhibition of self-absorption, and that’s a “risk” I am willing to take.  Personally I hope you find some enjoyment or humor here, but if you only see self-absorption, ask yourself is it really any different than any other form of social media that our society is consumed by?

In good faith, 


  1. "And with these platforms, we can create the “best” version of our life." I love that statement!! It's sadly true but worded wonderfully. I love what you're doing Tess!! Keep it up. PS- You're gorgeous INSIDE and out!

  2. Hello, just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    xo, Britnee

  3. great OOTD. the clutch bag is perfect, I wish I could see more detail of it :)


  4. This is stunning!


  5. love the beanie:))

    lots of love xx

  6. Lovely pictures! :)


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