Let It Go

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I like to know where I stand.. in regards to my relationships with people or my grades in school, (typically not my bank account, I'm kidding ma.) … I don’t like to feel any uncertainty or doubt.

Sometimes past experiences, people, and events interfere & disrupt my present.
Words unspoken, forgiveness withheld, goodbyes avoided, secrets unknown, acceptance denied, baffled loves, ignored feelings, unfulfilled dreams, personal convictions, disappointing endings.

Why is it so hard to let go… to have a defined ending, and to feel as if there is nothing left unfinished?

When a chapter closes, I sometimes try to hold onto it by holding onto various objects and things… clothes, letters, photos, music, and even places and people.

But by holding onto these things, these people, these memories, I’m left holding onto feelings…. Feelings of love, resentment, anger, joy, guilt, happiness.

I have sometimes rational, or maybe irrational thoughts or getting rid of all “x” thing(s), with the thought that it will make this certain chapter of life that is ending, easier.

Is that selfish?
Is it actually easier?

Life happens, and life will continue to go on whether or not we accept that. But should we let go of the things, the people, the experiences that may no longer have any part of our life, in order to make room for something else?

I don’t believe everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that with everything that happens, we can learn and grow. And whether or not we know it, we may be helping someone else do the same. Yet when do we let go, and how?

I haven’t found out that answer, but I hope I’m getting closer to it.

In good faith,

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