The Elephant Pants

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A new style of the harem pant that would make Aladdin and MC Hammer proud, The Elephant Pant.  
I like these pants, made from cotton with an ornate Thai design.  No, love, I love these pants.  
They make me feel free, maybe even a little wild.

When shopping for clothes, we all look for items that will make us look good, maybe even better; a tighter butt, longer looking legs, a smaller waist… We expect clothing to do something for us.  
But what if we turn that around and think what can we do for them.

As women we often attach emotions to clothes. But I think most of those feelings are from the opinions of others. Women are sometimes worried we will get the judgmental stare or confused look, we may avoid wearing things that we really do love because we’re concerned with what others will think. 
But ladies, DO YOU! You get to choose what you wear, even if it may go against the conventional idea of what looks “good;” wear what makes you feel good! You are the one wearing the clothes, and if a piece of clothing results in giving you a superhero feeling like these elephant pants give me, then wear the dang pants.

The Elephant Pants bring you adventurous and stylish comfort whether you’re wearing them around the house, on your way to yoga, out to dinner with friends, or exploring a random tree filled lot.  Not only will you experience a superhero feeling when wearing them, but also after purchasing.  For every pair sold The Elephant Pants donates $1 to the African Wildlife Foundation and their “Say No Campaign”, created to help end Elephant Poaching.  To help save the majestic creatures and get some cool pants in the process, visit The Elephant

In good faith, 


  1. love it :)

  2. Hi Tess!

    Your photos are gorgeous, would you mind me asking which camera you use? I'm in desperate need of a 'proper' one myself and would love some suggestions.

    Will get following you, feel free to follow me back. Would be good to support each other xx

    1. Hi Chelsea,
      thank you!! Let me ask my photographer, and I'll get back to you on your blog shortly:) Thanks for the follow!

      In good faith,

  3. Love, Love, Love these pants! AHHHH-mazing!


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